Chapter 2 of the Canon/Vimeo Film Contest
Check out Vincent Laforet's Chapter 1 here:

A terrorist suspect has leaked information that leads two government agents to believe that someone or something is arriving at their airport.

Shot with the Canon 5DmkII and a Canon 7D.

Written and Directed by Stephen Poff

Music (used with permission):
"The Open Road" as performed by The Jack Quartet ( )

Doctor - Stephen Poff
Businessman - Trent Birdsong
Agent 1 - Heath Dutton
Agent 2 - Nick St. Julien
Man With Gun - Sayed Alamy Jr.
Lady in Terminal - Amanda Deaton

Special Thanks To:
Meg for helping with props
Travis for operating the boom and creating the glowing green vial
All the extras who came out just to walk past the camera tens of times... it really made a difference!

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