April the 30th, 2014 (Dying momentum)
░ Film: Vanessa Vox.
♪ Music: Orlando Bay
:-) Thanks to my son Johannes for turning the spintops
♣ Apps: SloPro-PulpMovieStudio-MovieLooks-iMovie
Donna Donato says in the Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 28:
"Found that I watched this piece both with and without sound. Liked the frenetic, slightly claustrophobic music and the way the vignetted edges of the frames and the featured tops with their shadows danced and pulsated to the beat. Watching it silently I was aware of the elegance of the toys and the skill involved in ‘throwing’ them to maintain a spin for such longer periods of time. Smiled at the last shot of what appeared to be eyes." theappwhisperer.com/2014/05/10/mobile-movies-showcase

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