What would a video game look like if developed in 1923 by a bunch of angry modern artists?

FLOMM is available on the App Store on iTunes: appsto.re/us/rSQV4.i

FLOMM is an historical game that recreates the struggle of Modern Art against the Tyranny of Tradition!

A loose interpretation of the art, design, theories + counter-theories of the early moderns! A collision between New and Old, Avant Garde vs. Establishment, Innovation vs. Bourgeoisie + The Future vs. The Past!


The FLOMM! trailer was designed by STEVE MEHALLO with éléments musicaux by CHELSEA DAVIS et komposition, edits et continuity by KEVIN HARBAUGH

The FLOMM! game was created + designed by STEVE MEHALLO with music by CHELSEA DAVIS and programming by DARCY 'MOKI' NELSON and NOAM WEISS

Details adicionales + credits and a bibliography are posted at the FLOMM website

play flomm now! appsto.re/us/rSQV4.i
website flomm.us
facebook facebook.com/flommus
instagram instagram.com/flommus
twitter twitter.com/flommus
tumblr flommus.tumblr.com + flommischen.tumblr.com

FLOMM is modern art, culture + video game

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