What if you wake up with the strange gift that when you clap your hands twice, you'll teleport to a random location and situation. We thought it would be something like this...

A music videoclip made as a project for school
Produced by Hugo de Kok & Timo Blanksma
Filmed with the Canon 5D Mark II

Special thanks to:
- Dilemn
- MSI Europe

We're inspired by the videoclip that is made for the song called 'Luv DeLuxe' by Cinnamon Chasers. A very popular music video some weeks ago. The only thing we wanted after seeing that video was to shoot a videoclip entirely from point of view.

Before we worked out any of our ideas we had to make a suitable helmet to mount the 5D on. This wasn't that easy because of the weight of the camera. After some few tries it finally worked out and we made some test videos. But after seeing the results, we concluded that we needed a wider lense for the camera. With some luck we could borrow a 14mm lense for the whole production. With this lense mounted we really created the eye sight of a human being.

The script of this videoclip started in the bus to school when Hugo listened to a song with a lot of claps in it. We decided to work further on the idea of picturing different situations with claps leading trough the story. But there are not that much songs with a lot of claps ánd nice to listen at the same time. After some real hard thinking we came with the idea that the clapping also could be visible, not hearable.

On the same day we searched for a other kind of music and we found the artist Dilemn. We didn't knew him or his music at all, but this number really suited our idea. So we worked out some idea's with Modern Slave on the background for inspiration. We came with the idea of a guy who accidentily claps twice in his hands in the moring. His hands are starting to glow a bit and he suddenly teleports to an other location. The rest of the story can be seen in the video ofcourse.

The only thing that bothered us after finishing the first edition of the script was that it wasn't really a story, it was more something like a lot of scènes putted very quick after each other in the editing. So we thought that there had to happen something with the main character. So we decided to change a bit of the script and searched for a way to keep the attention of the public.

There was no way around it, the character had to die. Or at least be in a situation where he looks the death in the eyes. We actually took that qoute very literally and made it to be our semi final scène.

There maybe will come a version with some more effects in it like gunshots, but we actually didn't want to put that stuff in cause of the cheapy look it would create with our skills of effect editing.

Well, we hope you'll enjoy the videoclip and critical comments are always welcome!

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