This video features a Musashi AeroJet dispenser "shooting" drops of lotion onto a curved glass lens. The pattern dispensed is freely configurable by the user using the included easy-to-use software, or you can import your own CAD files. Spots, lines, and solid shapes are all possible with this non-contact pneumatic dispenser. The surface morphology of the substrate doesn't affect the dispensing.

Dispenses at 333 shots/second. Great with mid-high viscosity materials. Temperature control of fluid is integrated into the dispenser.

In biological settings, the AeroJet is currently being used in labs to dispense cell solutions as well as their scaffold material onto the substrate for 3D bioprinting. The robot's small footprint means it can fit into a laminar flow hood, or we can customize it to include multiple dispense heads on a single larger robot platform (for example: printing the scaffold from one dispenser, the cells in another, etc.). The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

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