'We Are Kakuma' is all filmed and edited by young refugees from Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya.

Working with a group of extremely talented students from Film Aid International, My Start challenged these young film makers to produce a short film with 3 definitive perspectives of life at Kakuma:

'I AM' : A subjective reference of thoughts and pictures as new arrivals. Every student was asked to create a poem based on their memories of arriving at the camp, which was then edited down to a few key words and images. The resulting films convey the very surreal experience of many, who had been living normal lives in their home countries and who were suddenly uprooted to foreign terrain, surviving in harsh conditions.

'THEY ARE': Looking out at the camp with fresh eyes. The students were then asked to capture life at the camp through the eyes of a stranger. The films portray the many different faces, activities and people at the camp from an outside perspective.

'WE ARE': Turning the camera on themselves. The students were finally asked to reveal themselves within the context of their surroundings. Their films unveil their emotions, relationships and dreams and unwittingly the similarity they have with any group of teenagers, despite their uniquely challenging circumstances.

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