Freedom Girl is the first medallion in the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series done with full creative control given to Heidi Wastweet. Heidi is known for her images of strong and beautiful women, most notably, Pandora Defiant. Now she has created a new beauty for a new generation.

The first release of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series struck at the heart of the Debt and Death paradigm, with the Rothschild banking family. Now it is time to get to the figure head of it, Queen Elizabeth. The long and bloody trail of the British Empire has a record that cannot be matched. Believe it or not, the British have invaded 9 out of 10 nations on Earth in their pursuit of global domination. Literally only 22 nations have not felt the Debt and Death of the British Empire. And yet, some how we hold this family in high esteem? Well, no more.

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