The Story Beyond the Still: Chapter 2

Written & Directed by: The Salto Brothers

We were in Paris preping a commercial when this contest popped up so we were lucky enough to shoot in Paris and some other great french locations.

Hope you enjoy it!

You can check out the Making-of here:

Jack: Robert Dauney
François & Henri: Guillaume Delaunay
The Valet: Alexandre Mahout
Mr. W: Joe Sheridan

Director of Photography: Jacques Ballard
1st Assistant Camera: Matthieu-David Cournot
Sound Design: Fréderic Devanlay (Big Wheels Studio)
Music: Augustin D'Assignies
Production Designer: Elie Duponchel
Sound: Alexandre Andrillon
Boom Operator: Thomas François
Production Coordinator: Romain Carciofo
Production Assistants: Marie Pangaud
Associate Producer: Jacques Ballard
Make Up: Magalie Dumas

Richard, Elisabeth & Olivia Ballard, Laurent Tibessart, Louise Jourdan-Gassin, Nicolas Capus, Richard Sarfati, Alain Soufi, Philippe Vene, Deep Vision, Guillaume Le Braz, Laurent Schepman, et Rowenta

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