Author, clinical psychologist and certified school psychologist, Dr. Umar Johnson took stage at Inlet Grove High School on Sunday, April 20th. This was his first visit to West Palm Beach where he was a special guests speaker at a Palm Beach Subcommittee Action Plan Meeting on the subject of African American Male students low graduation rates and special education.
In his lecturer, Dr. Johnson outlined the flaws in the school systems across the country and how African American particularly male students are largely being misdiagnosed with behavioral disorders such as ADHD and put into special education for the financial gains of schools.
“Schools are given incentives for putting children in special education, if your child can’t read, I am not given extra money to help him but I am given extra money to special educate him,” says Dr. Umar Johnson.
According to, more than 6.8 million children in the United States receive special education. The U.S Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics found that blacks between the ages of 6 to 21 were amongst the highest numbers of individuals with education disabilities.
Johnson adds, “my work is with all children but the war is greatest against the black boys.”
He has dedicated his career in fighting the pyscho-academic war on the side of African American boys and uses his experience to educate parents on how they can take charge of their children’s education. He urges the community to take a stand to change the disproportionate graduation rates of African American students, especially black males who have the lowest graduating rates in the country.
As a school psychologist Dr. Johnson evaluate children ages 3-21 to determine if they have educational disabilities, he also offers to re-evaluate children who were previously diagnosed and referred to special education to determined whether or not they really have disabilities.
“We need to conduct a massive review and reconstruction of special education process, special education is out of hand and is out of control,” adds Dr. Johnson.
Dr. Umar Johnson believes that stepping up the recruitment of black male teacher and black male school psychologist would improve the education and performance of black male students.
In his book, “Psycho-Academic Holocaust”, he guides readers through backroom decisions and financial exploitative practices taken place in schools in relations to special education, diagnosed behavioral disorders and subsequent medicating.
To order the book Psycho-Academic Holocaust or to obtain more information on Dr. Umar Johnson, please visit

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