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Winner 'Best New Talent' by Madrid Fashion Film Festival 2014
Officially Nominated at the International Fashion Film Award and the Berlin Fashion Film Festival

'Missing Tiger' circles in an abstract narration the characteristics of a specific type of young German fashion design and the common development of young German talents. No direct or obvious connection to the subject is displayed. Instead, the plot functions as a parable and the meaning is produced by symbolic conjunctions. There are two young women whose relationship is not conclusively resolved: Are they friends, lovers or enemies? Who killed who? One of the two women takes over the symbolic role of the young designer and the other symbolizes the fashion environment in which she has to survive.

Produced, Directed and Edited by David Zimmermann
DP and Grading: Leif Thomas
Cast: Anna-Maria Nemetz by Mega Model Agency
and Josefin Bresan by MD Management
Music: Kling Klang Klong – Maurice Mersinger
Sounddesign: Kling Klang Klong – Felipe Sanchez
Styling: Marianna Stoll
Hair and Makeup: Nicole Gnauck by Ligawest
Set Design: Barbara Tarabczynski
Gaffer: Max Tsui
Assistant Director: Garnet Hinkerode
1st Assistant Camera: Claire Jahn
Electrician: Paul Pallapies and Peter Lange
Set Dresser: Carsten Maier and Patrick Grzanna
Sound Mix: Andy Hoppe
Vocals: Teal George
Drums: Flo König

Supported by Elementree Rental, Mister Spex, Spottlight, Tremonia Media, Cineone, Argus, Well Done, Uslu Airlines and Paul Mitchell

Fashion by Isabell de Hillerin, Walter&Friedrichs, Michael Sontag, Glaw, Reality Studio, Luxaa, R.T.CO, November Lingerie, Lunettes Kollektion and Jil Sander

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