When I fell in love with photography it was because I LOVED capturing life’s moments. I loved being able to look back at pictures and remember how blessed I am and how full my life is. Somewhere in the past year I lost that desire. I never wanted to take pictures for myself because if I was going to do them, I was going to do them right. I got so caught up in making things perfect that I missed capturing these everyday moments that I love. All of my energy was spent on my clients, whom I love, but I left no room for me.

A few weeks ago I happened to have my camera on me all week. I took a little video here and a little video there. Before I knew it I had documented my week and the times I spent with the amazing community God has given me. And you know what? It wasn’t perfect. The 20 different light sources drive me crazy. I didn’t have the right equipment. The focus job is awful. The footage isn’t perfect. And that is OK. I’m learning to let go. And for once, I’m learning that it’s OK if things aren’t perfect and to let go of what other people may think. I did this for me.

Disclaimer: This video journal by no means is meant to make my life appear perfect and always happy. Because the truth is, it’s not. For every good time, there is a hard time. I covet the times I laugh with good friends, and I covet the times that are hard…turning to God and looking forward to the future redemption that lies ahead.

These moments are normal moments that happen from week to week. This week was no different than any other, mostly filled with the the small and mundane; friends over for dinner, walks, time spent with the high school girls I coach, trips to the park with friends and their kids, coffee dates, community group, and setting up early for church. But these are the moments that I want to capture. I (as much as my finite brain can) understand His love through His work on the cross. But it is also through small moments like these that I time and time again can see God’s goodness. My heart aches with thankfulness for the community He has given me. People to laugh with, people to suffer with, people to point you back to the truth.

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