PulseCubes is an interactive sound installation. Visitors are invited to become part of an implicit feedback loop whose other components include a set of small cubes on a flat surface, computer vision and digital signal processing. The cubes are tracked by a web camera positioned overhead and processed through a partially opaque system implemented in the programming environment Max/MSP/Jitter.

Visitors have the opportunity to influence and interfere with the notion of time by playing with the cubes. Their placement and movement affect features of the audio such as rhythm, tempo and synthesis parameters as the passage of time is stretched and constricted. A chain of indelible "traces" are left in the position of the cubes and the resulting sonic environment and physical vibrations.

Data from the web camera are mapped to parameters of a form of non-standard synthesis. In addition, the wavetables themselves are calculated from the same information i.e. the placement of the cubes equates to creating as well as playing instruments within a self-similar structure.

Part of the Dissolving Cube commissioned by the Portman Gallery, London in November 2009. Also exhibited at re:new Digital Arts Festival, Copenhagen, and Sound Travels Sound Art Festival, Toronto.

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