The life-long dichotomy between heaven and hell, life and death, black or white is expressed in this audiovisual analogy between Africa and Europe. It intends to experimentally portray the synchronicity of contradictory events that happen simultaneously in our world. Nowadays, due to globaliation and technology, everything can be seen by everybody at real time almost immediately.

In 2011 I traveled all over 22 African & European countries until I got so dizzy and colorblind from the cultural contradictions and astonishing interconnectedness of beauty witnessed at the most unexpected spots that this 360º degree project got born, one hot afternoon near a fishing harbor somewhere in Mali.

Those who have less things seem to walk lighter.
Who is happier? Who's freer? Which is the true color of our human soul?

Original Soundtrack - Jack Sheen
Director of Photography - Andi Stefo
Edited and Directed - João Meirinhos

This piece is intended to make the audience reflect on the fact that, due to widespread technology, we now have the impression the world is a smaller place. Many contradictory events take place simultaneously and anyone can pretty much watch them happening in real time wherever they are. Just log in and press play.

The idea is that the audience is in a darkened room where this same video is being screened, with a slight delay between each other and in a continuous loop, through 3 or 4 projectors. Providing the immersive experience of being trapped in a circular thought pattern. Like the tides of the sea, or someone's recurring memories. The installation should provoke a sort of kaleidoscopic dizziness to the spectator and, hopefully, a reflective gaze on the socio-economic discrepancies between industrialized and under development societies.

Screened at FUSO 2013 Festival de Videoarte (Lisbon, Portugal)

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