Ontario criminal lawyer speaks about some of the things that the Ontario Government and women's shelter advocates do not want the Canadian public to know about.

In this video, Walter Fox, a highly experienced and well respected criminal lawyer from Toronto, Ontario, speaks out about his experience as a lawyer with standing at the public inquest into the murder-suicide involving Ralph and Gillian Hadley.

Mr. Fox reveals for the first time some of the gender politics which drove this inquest in hopes of having the Ontario government give more money to radical feminist groups. He reveals some of the politics behind Ontario's zero-tolerance domestic violence policies which are mainly designed to have men arrested, thrown in jail and to have their children stripped away from them.

Government funded women's shelter type advocates are fueling government policies which are destroying men and their families and causing great harm to Canadian Society.

This video gives a shocking taste of reality of how the courts and child protection agencies treat men and fathers. More videos from other prominent Canadian lawyers will be posted soon so stay tuned.

Copies of this video can be downloaded at the link below or higher quality DVD copies can be obtained by contacting Canada Court Watch by email.

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