LightSwitch® is BJ’s mildest beer. This is BJ’s alternative to mass-produced light beers that lack flavor. At just 103 calories per 12-oz serving, LightSwitch is comparable in calories to Bud, Miller and Coors Light. The difference is that LightSwitch is an all-malt beer (no rice or corn) and it’s unpasteurized. We use German Hallertau hops for their pleasant aroma and to balance the mild malt flavor with a clean dry finish. The end result is a fresh and flavorful light beer with refreshing and smooth drinkability. If you’re not a light beer drinker, this beer may not be for you. But please encourage your light beer drinking friends to give LightSwitch a try.

Style:Light Beer
Alcohol:3.5% by volume
Bitterness (IBU):18
Awards: 2013 North American Beer Awards, Gold; 2012 North American Beer Awards, Bronze; 2010 North American Beer Awards, Bronze

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