This is a video I created during my internship at IBM in 2007/2008 for a future blue film competition.

I decided to take a more "professional" approach to the video that most others. Many of these type of recruitment videos end up being all about having fun, playing pool, and making friends. Which irritates me. I can have fun at any company. I want to know about the work and the atmosphere of the company!

This being said, I had a lot of larger plans for the video, including an actual plot line that was intertwined with stock shots, that would follow an intern through a "normal day". But the deadline wasn't very far away, so I had to cut it down to a pretty standard monologue + montage.

The video did not win the competition, but I had unofficial word that we were a close second. Oh well.

I am still awaiting approval to distribute this video online, thus the video is currently restricted to my viewing only.

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