I believe in the trials, in the circularity of events and in the cyclical repetitions, PARACHUTE talking about it since its musical construction, and these same concept is what I tried to show through the construction of the video, depths, places we've dived a thousand times or a million, that of jumping into the pool, and half drowned, faded, risking everything, to lose and to find, I speak of love, of life, of all those things that have us proposed a challenge and we figured out wet and shivering, but better and grown.

Video: Images belonging to the short DESPIERTA, co-directed by Pao Alonso, Ornela Tosi Barguero and Ale Ceverino.

Music: "PARACHUTE" by Sparkly B{ - soundcloud.com/aleceve

Actress: Ornela Tosi Barguero

Cameras: Pao Alonso, Ale Ceverino
Costume: Cintia Calcagno
Technical Assistance: Franco Tosi
Editing and post: Ale Ceverino

Thanks to Plan V, for the lens, Usm 85 2:8, Willy Zárate, for the Go-Pro, and family Tosi Barguero for the use of the pool.

Advise: I own all rights over the images on this video. I own all rights over the song PARACHUTE, also is registered under protection of SADAIC Argentina and associated countries.

Thanks Alejandro Ceverino

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