This is a short video collage of Gezi protests on May 2013 in Taksim, İstanbul. With all of its natural and urban thresholds under pressure, İstanbul, being gentrified to cater to the desires of the rich and marketed to their capital and managed by the discretionary orders of those in power of representative assembly, is struggling for life.

You will see in this video the organization of everyday life in Gezi;

1- The entrance of the leftist-socialist party groups

2- The press release of Taksim solidarity: “We are the people of İstanbul, Taksim is ours. These trees, birds and flowers are ours. Ours is ours. Nobody can forget this resistance to the end of their lives and tell this history to their grand grand children. This is a resistance of a hundred years!”

3- Concert with Gezi's favorite song: Ciao bella!

4- The attack of police to the united groups in Taksim Square on 1st June: “The voice said: an incredible crowd is coming near..”

5- Occupied area in Taksim square.

6- Inside of Gezi and LGBTI activists’ pride.

7-The march of syndicates through İstiklal by singing: wait for us İstanbul.

8- Chant for antifascism: “Solidarity against fascism!”

9- A solidarity line for building barricades.

10- Broken bank stops, written: capitalism kills.

11- A couple listens the piano in the dawn

12- Young boys who play volleyball before the breakfast.

13- Kurdish folk dance: "halay" (While the peace process remains frayed, the Gezi protests did make many apolitical citizens in Turkey aware of the government’s repression of the Kurds.)

14- Mother's chain

15- Cinema projection in the prime time: the movie of famous leftist hacker team RedHack: "we suspended bourgeois censorship by communism propaganda"

16- Voice against State Brutality: “The murderer state will be held responsible!”

17- Wish candles for Gezi losts: 8 young boys killed during the protests.

18- Beşiktaş football group in the Olympiad Stadium: Çarşı chants: Everywhere is Taksim; everywhere is resistance!

At the end of the collage, in the stadium we see: the people of Istanbul, they reclaim of the city: Everywhere is Taksim; everywhere is assembly.
There is no re-presentation; this is a declaration that the people are present here.

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