It's one of those rare occasions where more than one of the Midnight Mechanics attended the same event. This time we all took the 4 hour drive down to Rayleigh Raceway in Coffs Harbour to attend Drift Fest Zero 3 which was hosted by Ae86 Driving Club. Cass's Ae86 looked amazing, Jason realized his Ae86 wasn't completely retarded and I managed to kill the T28 hanging off the SR in my Ae71; all in all a great weekend.

I'm making no apologies for the length of the intro, blame the song and my stubbornness for matching audio. All I'll say is I'm incredibly happy with our footage from the weekend and I hope you are too.

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If you think we're shit, do it anyway, and enjoy the video, jerk.

Song: Faded - ZHU

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