Hepatitis is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in the world. In the Middle East, it is very prevalent among a big number of people. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, there are 189,676 patients infected with hepatitis. In UAE, there are 18,558 patients*. Also in Yemen, there are 147,241 patients*. One of the main causes of the HEPATITIS is blood-borne intentions that happens when a person uses other's tools in the barber shop. The solution for this is to have and use your own tools. Therefore, we produced this video to raise the awareness about HEPATITIS.

* Statistics from rightdiagnosis.com/h/hepatitis_c/stats-country.htm

Done by GROUP M

Acting: Talal Derbas
Scenarist: Abdulaziz Alhassan
Talal Derbas
Faris Abubakar
Director: Kutaiba Hussain
Editing: Abdulaziz Alhassan
Producer: Abdulaziz Alhassan

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