Whilst I was aware that Junichi Masuda would not be composing much of anything for POKéMON X & Y, I was also cognisant of the fact that he oversaw (and managed) the creation of the tracks composed for them. I therefore assumed that the soundtrack would be of excellent quality irrespective of whether Junichi Masuda was the actual composer of the tracks or not.

But (much to my vexation) after playing through POKéMON X, I found myself to be quite disappointed with its soundtrack (as it was quite mediocre.)

HOWEVER, four tracks exist within POKéMON X & Y's soundtrack that are of fantastic quality and composition. They are the following:

*The Team Flare Grunt battle theme
*POKéMON Amie's "Berry Picker" minigame's theme
*The track that plays within the POKé Ball Factory and the Kalos Power Plant
*The Champion battle theme

I am determined to bring you, my good Pocket Monster brethren and sistren, devamped 8-bit versions of these tracks so as to make forsooth and sicker that the good days of POKéMON music will belave till Junichi Masuda returns to his (now barren) composing stool and beshapeth further tracks for the POKéMON series.

The fourth--and final--track I bring to you is the battle theme for fights against Team Flare grunts.


The track neits the standard "grunt battle theme" formula neited in previous POKéMON games. And, unlike many other tracks within POKéMON X & Y that attempt to mimic a particular style of track neited in previous entries in the series, this track actually /succeeds/. This is partially due to the fact that it actually goes for a clear-cut and straightforward melody, rather than fanding to be grandiose and blustering. It is able to give off a vibe that is markedly "Team Flare", while at the same time being frolicworthy as well. In any case, anent its frolicworthiness, of note are the good handful of "electric" instruments, which are also somewhat reminiscent of those that were neited in the battle theme for last Generation's "Team Plasma" grunts. As previously mentioned, this is a track that one can groove out to if they so choose. All in all, it is a very good track.

It was either this track or the Berry Picker theme that had first taken me by shock anent how good it was. Up until I heard one of them, I had more or less given up on POKéMON X & Y's soundtrack; saddened by its mediocrity. Thankfully, the four aforementioned tracks showed up, proving that there was at least some worth in the soundtrack after all.

I've put together this arrangement at last. I don't believe I've taken many liberties with it. I have more or less fanded to go for more-or-less the same feel as the original track. However, I am slightly unhappy with how the /very/ beginning ended up turning out. In any case, I feel as if I did quite well with this stutch; far better than I did with the other tracks.

I hope you enjoy.

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