Video of live performance. Duration 2' 07".

In 2010 I saw some graffiti under a canal bridge in rural Cheshire that read "Fuck Da Police". This was a place where the local disaffected youth hung out, drank White Lightning cider and smoked joints. They weren't angry, just bored and feeling pointless, and to the extent they were able to express this listless alienation at all it was through the lyrics of bad Gangsta Rap, sprayed on the underside of a canal bridge in rural Cheshire where no-one would ever see it.

Fast forward four years and I'm watching a video of Pussy Riot on YouTube being bit with sticks whilst protesting/performing at the Sochi Winter Olympics. I don't know what they're protesting about really; I'm not sure anyone does. In some ways their anger is an incoherent as that of those teenagers drinking cheap cider beside the canal. They're mad, and that's enough.

Pussy Riot's anger isn't hidden under bridges though, it's a media event. After you've watched the video you can go onto Ebay and buy the t-shirt. It's only £12.99, plus shipping from China.

Pussy Riot are cool and sexy and infinitely photogenic. Even more so than Che Guevara, who of course was the icon of choice for that original follower of protest fashion Wolfie Smith, in the 1970's TV show "Citizen Smith". Pussy Riot are cooler even than Nelson Mandela, whose name was adopted for its fashionable radical cachet by well-meaning councils up and down the UK in those same 1970's and slapped on community centres and tower blocks as a sign of their commitment to badly designed concrete freedom. In the hit TV show 'Only Fools and Horses', (written by the same team who created 'Citizen Smith') the Trotter family, wide boys and chavs before the terms was even invented, of course live in Nelson Mandela House, Peckham.

Dick Riot is the love-child of these thoughts. Undirected rage expressible only in the fallen language of popular media, consumed again, vomited up again, consumed once more.


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