"Share your story… it might inspire others.
If you don’t begin to change something, things won’t change.

If you keep waiting, 'until you are ready', you will wait till the end of your life.

Addiction to life is the biggest gift… Addiction to substance is a living hell.

Drugs changed everyone’s perception of me... but i am the same person!

Happiness increases by sharing and sorrows decrease by sharing...

Everything is possible… you just have to do it.

When you loose yourself in addiction, you loose loved ones and the loved ones loose you.

If you think today is the worst day of your life, then you also know, tomorrow will be better.

The path in front of you is your own path. People can walk it with you but no one can walk it for you!"

(The spoken words forming the narrative thread of the video, edited from the conversations/text generated in the residency with the participants in Kütahya.)

I AM is an arts project between UK, Italy and Turkey... presenting memoirs of people in recovery from addiction of alcohol and mixed substances. Sharing here some work in progress. Through intensive workshops I am creating a collaborative body of video and photographic 'self-portraiture' to reflect on a subject riddled with taboo and social stigma. It is only through sharing the hopes and fears that a better relationship can be developed with love and respect.

Originated by Portraits of Recovery, and developed in partnership with: Arts for Health - Manchester metropolitan University, UK, Incontro and FeDerSerd, Italy and The Turkish Green Crescent Society, Kütahya branch. Funded by Grundvig - European Unions Life Long Learning Programme.

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