Anna Chan:
The story of Mahatma Gandhi comes to life in operatic form at New York City's Metropolitan Opera House. Here's a peak at the show.

The opera uses the ancient language of Sanskrit to tell Gandhi's life. It was written three decades ago and is based on Mahatma Gandhi's early years in South Africa.

American-born tenor, Richard Croft, took on the role of Gandhi. For the part, he shaved his head, and had to loose weight to properly suit the role.

[Richard Croft, Plays Gandhi in "Satyagraha"]:
"It's a daunting thing to bring a character, such a well known historical figure to the stage without making it a caricature, and we all know the Kingsley version so it's a pretty huge undertaking. I was doubtful at first but I decided to go ahead and just musically it was challenging and language wise singing in Sanskrit and having no association with the language at all."

The stage is shared with towering giant puppets, and singers who flit in and out in dream-like sequence. For Croft, the entire performance is meditative.

[Richard Croft, Plays Gandhi in "Satyagraha"]:
"It's very interesting because you are never actually saying anything that Gandhi himself said. You are speaking in prayer and verbs and trying to get all that happening at the same time. Telling the story of his life visually while doing a meditation actually."

"Satyagraha" will continue its run at the New York Metropolitan Opera House through early May.

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