Aloha my brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunties, nephews and nieces!
From the bottom of my heart, I present to you, my third year film from CalArts!

An Ogre howls as he goes on a search to look for his lost pet wolf, but who will listen to his cries?

All my life, I couldn't possibly be here today without all the help I received from the world. So with this film, I just wanted to share how beautiful and wonderful the world is, and even if we think no one can help us, there will always be help.

Film by: Nak Yong Choi

Music by: Lucas Morin

Voice Talent:
Ogre by: Emilio Garcia Sanchez
Wolf by: Yon Hui Lee
Mountains, flowers, rocks, and trees: Marc Cashman's Voice Acting Class

Backgrounds painted in gouache
Film done with TVPaint, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere.

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