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The example app you see in the video was created with nothing more than a Property List and Tiled file. The Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit allows you to create side, top-down or isometric viewed worlds full of features:

Sprite Kit Based, made for iOS 7
Graphically Lay Out Levels using Tiled
Create a Team of Player
Create physics based levels
Build up a team of followers.
Create equip-able weapons
Define portals
Create objects or enemies
Keep a running inventory of collectible items or defeated enemies,
Upgrade the character’s look over time
Character’s can be swapped out from the Inventory.
Create unlimited menus and buttons
Over 30 Button Actions
Use Gestures to control the character.
Create endless swipe-able maps
Saving game progress happens automatically.
Experience points (XP)
Add Labels and Dynamic Text
Add moving platforms
Various boundary types.
In-App Purchase and Parental Gate Ready
In Game Currency system (spendable money within the game, which can also be sold for real money in the App Store)
Offer System (characters can buy inventory items or upgrades from other characters in the game).

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