Let it go on record that I am not a fan of motion graphics. It's an art form where people are wowed by fast movement and lots of pretty shapes and shiny things. Michael Bay is a closeted motion graphics artist. The medium is also young enough that there isn't yet a vast library of cliches to pull from to create something unique. There are more like a dozen, that I continually see in piece after piece, commercial after commercial. To name a few: quick rotational movement often paired with a zoom, random swirly things growing in the background, objects popping up from the center of the frame, usually behind a banner or logo, quickly appearing grungy liquid splatters or scratches.

Still I am in a motion graphics class, and I must challenge myself to create something cinematic. This project was an attempt. Wes Anderson would have a fit. I made my animations to resemble the copious whip pans and tilts in his movies. It kind of worked. I'd much rather see hard cuts from start to finish. Admit it: the strongest parts are the beginning and end.

The song is "Making Time" by Creation, taken right off the movie's soundtrack album. If this title sequence were actually tacked onto the movie, you would hear the song soon again during the yearbook montage. Such hypotheticals have been excused.

January MMX

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