Animadverto /ˈwer.toː/

To turn the mind to
To take notice of
To perceive

Animadverto is a fashion short film about a girl exploring an abandoned building; giving meaning to the sights and sounds of her surroundings, both real and imagined.

Director, Writer, Editor: David Wittlin
Director of Photography: Eliu Cornielle
Producer & Photographer: Dave Austria
Producer, Art Director, H&M: Yumi Kim
Set Designer: Hanna Won
Wardrobe & Stylist: Kevin Small
Assistant: Cathy Moon

Cast (In order of appearance)
Alix McCabe
Rachel Rollins
Claire Mahoney
Olivia Dello Buono

Original music by Johnny Ripper
"In a dream"
"I'm not here"
"A song for Charlie Kaufman"

Location: Maggpie Vintage Rentals
Philadelphia, PA

A bit about the making of this film. The shoot happened in combination with a photoshoot occurring at the same time using all the same people and resources the location had to offer. We borrowed models as they were available, even getting evil eyes from Dave (photographer), and Yumi (art director) for stealing one model longer than they wanted. In total we had about 6 hours to shoot as we were using only available light (mostly sunlight pouring in through the windows).

Great camera work was provided by Eliu in which he stuck to steadicam for much of the day.

Camera: Sony FS700
Lenses: Zeiss 50, 85; Rokinon 35.

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