This last one is a long one. Something to play when your 'to do' list has run out or while you're doing something else.

Multiple owlets appear, including the first appearance of Mary Ann, at 2:04. Mary Ann is the only owlet showing the red morph of her mother, Ginger. Skipper and Thurston are gray morphs like their father, The Professor. The owlets are showing more adult feathers and a lot less down.

At about 8:00 PM on the day these videos were taken, the owlets left the house in which they have lived during the 4 weeks since they hatched. Mom Ginger whoed to them from a nearby mango tree and, one by one, the owlets fluttered their way into the outside world. For about an hour we watched the babies and parents flying between branches of the back yard trees. I guess that's why this stage is called 'branching'.

Although they will never return to the house (unless one of them chooses it as a nesting site next year), we expect to see them in the yard at dusk for the next few weeks as they perfect their flying and hunting skills.

Bye bye little owls!

Looks best in 1080P, if you have that capability.

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