Registered Dietitian Joan OKeefe of Kansas City releases Nutrition 101 Video No. 4: why eating fruits and vegetables at breakfast is important during American Heart Month
Color is important because of fiber, because of water, because of vitamins and minerals. But most importantly, color has antioxidants, OKeefe said. In order to get a full nine servings, she suggests starting in the morning. Breakfast is the missed opportunity for fruits and vegetables, OKeefe said.

OKeefe says adding color to our diets can make us healthier. The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables reduce inflammation, which reduces the risk of disease. She also says people who are taking antioxidant pills are cheating themselves. You have to eat the fruits and vegetables in order to get the best antioxidant behavior, OKeefe said. For people who balk at the thought of eating nine servings of fruit and vegetables every day, she has a solution. Were going to pick two colors at breakfast, at noon, and were going to pick two colors at night. A serving of fruits and vegetables is only half a cup. So, its very easy to either have two or three servings at each meal.

Joan O'Keefe is a Registered Dietitian, national speaker and nutrition consultant for adults and teens. James O'Keefe, MD, is an internationally renowned Preventive Cardiologist, speaker and author. The O'Keefe's are dedicated to promoting and teaching healthy living. Their book, "The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle," is available for online purchase at .

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