ma·hout /məˈhaʊt
Noun: (in India and South East Asia) a person who works with, rides and tends an elephant

The remarkable bond between elephant and mahout is built on many years of trust, a tradition spanning centuries. And, in parts of Asia today, mahouts continue to dedicate their lives to caring for these intelligent, awe-inspiring creatures.

Mahout – The Great Elephant Walk follows the story of ex-London city worker, now-eco lodge owner Tim Edwards, who needs to relocate four elephants and their mahouts between two national parks in southern Nepal. But walking some of the largest land animals in existence across one of the most densely populated regions on Earth is no simple task. The expedition must overcome teeming cities, searing heat, monsoon rains and untamed jungle.

On this epic journey, we get a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of the Mahouts, experiencing first-hand the extraordinary relationship between man and elephant.

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