Oceanographic Glider Animation, showing a glider in design similar to the one produced Webb Research, now part of Teledyne, in action.
The Glider dives and "glides" through the water, changing its buoyancy at pre defined depths - once he is denser than water and sinking, then again lighter and ascending. His wings make him fly a zig zag line through the water column, constantly recording water properties like temperature, salinity, pressure and oxygen as well as many internal steering variables.
After a few zigzags, called profiles, he sticks his tail out of the water and transmits the data via satellite to the operating scientists.
It is especially used for detailed high resolution analysis in scientific interesting areas, like straits, hypoxic or oxygen minimum areas to study intrusions, fronts or other submesoscale features.
The glider is an AUV, an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, which are during mission (below the surface) not controlled by operators like an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles).

Copyright for this video is held by the IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel and Sunke Schmidtko. Please reference properly if you plan to use this animation and send me an email about it.

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