This is a simple demonstration of the moiré for three generations of the Panasonic GH camera: the GH2, GH3, and the new GH4. This comparison shows that there's less moiré for the GH4 in 4K mode than when in 1080 mode, that the GH4 in 1080 mode has similar moiré as the GH3, and surprisingly it shows that the GH2 has less moiré than the GH4 in 1080 mode.

I used a 1080 24p timeline in Premiere Pro and downscaled the 4K clips by 50%. The original upload file is available for download.

I used a Voigtlander 25mm with the same focus and f5.6 on each camera. I used the same locked-off tripod position for each. I subtly panned each camera left and right for each test. The variable picture profile settings are displayed in the video. The constant camera settings were:

GH4: Highlights/Shadows flat curve, i.Dynamic Standard, Lumen space 0-255
GH3: i.Dynamic Off
GH2: Flowmotion v.2 100Mbps

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