Carnival Cinema is a small independent production house focused on documenting creative people and their work, in particular the performing arts community with a focus on the circus, sideshow and new vaudeville.
It is the alter ego of film maker and ex circus performer Hamish McCormick.
Based out of Mullumbimby NSW, Australia.

Many thanks to the featured artists/shows/festivals in clip:

The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Company 2
Aerial Manx
a festival called Panama
Long Pigs
Jess Love
Danik Abishev
Heather Holliday
La Soiree
Meow Meow
Hamish McCann
Strut n Fret Production House

The beautiful music in the clip by Timothy Carroll

The 'STOMACH' excerpts featuring Aerial Manx (sword swallow) are from a documentary I directed for the Anatomy series on ABC Artscape -
27 mins - screened ABC1,19th of March 2013.
Written and Directed by Hamish McCormick
Produced by Julie Eckersly & Michael McMahon
Executive Produced by Tony Ayres
Cinematography by Richard Kickbush
Edited by Annabelle Johnson
Composed by Michael Lira
Presented by Matchbox Pictures in association with Film Victoria and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
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