This scene was mentioned in this article on TVG News: "Along with a diverse group of filmmakers, [Ian J. Keeney] spent over two years traveling the country, learning from personal stories of Christians and Atheists in an attempt to create a bridge of friendship. He decided from the start that our story, the story of LGBTQ Americans like you and me, was an integral part of his mission to share ideas, build respect, and learn to love each other as equals...We have a heterosexual ally who decided that we’re important. That we deserve respect, and a voice. That the abuse we receive is undeserved, and should be stopped. That our place is not as outsiders looking in, but part of our local and national communities. His film, “The Meaning”, was created at great personal expense to achieve this goal. So that one day, we don’t have to cringe inside everytime our sexual orientation comes up–that our differences will be celebrated, not tolerated. (Joe Evaristo)" Read full article here:

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Directed by Ian J. Keeney
Produced by: Paul MacCracken, Sarael Martinez, Corey Howell, Kimber Voss, Greg Wilson, Joe Evaristo

Layla Davis
Pastor Mike Housholder, Lutheran Church of Hope
Pastor Arthur Naylor, First Pentecostal Prayer of Faith Church
David Silverman, American Atheists

Cameras: Ian J. Keeney, Greg Wilson, Yvettee Quezada, Corey Howell, Billy Hamill

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