In Winter 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger traveled on a roadtrip from Innsbruck to Morocco. On the way they went snowboarding in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada before they traveled on over the sea gate of Gibraltar to Morocco. This country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline, many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains and for skating. A dream came true.

Benno, Matze & Maximilian

Maximilian Meisberger, Benno Postert, Matthias Reif

Markus Klaes

Michi Berger, Markus Klaes

Matthias Reif, Benno Postert, Maximilian Meisberger, Pablo Aristeguieta

Beret-Baqueira (ESP) // Sierra Nevada (ESP) // Almeria(ESP) // Immesouane(MOR) // Taghazoute (MOR) // Oukaimeden(MOR)

Odesza - How did I get here // Balmorhea - Bowspirit // Beuzz - Sunshine Funshine // Robot Orchestra - BoomBlap // Junip - Without You // L'oud Marocain // Casa del Mirto - Acafulcro // Pretty Lights - Lost and Found (Odesza Remix) // L'oud Marocain // The Human Beinz - Nobody but me // Körfetz - Christof ‘Scab’ Lange & Matthias Witzleb

All people who helped to realize that project
Michi Freymann, Paul Bartholomew, Gerrit Gericke, Anna Fridheim, Gerd Weisner, Delko Canda, Petra Reindl, Caterina Wamos, Christian Kramer, Lars Österle, Tobias Winkel, Abraham Paskowitz, Jochen Bauer, Elisabeth Obermoser, Christian Wander, Carla Twelkemeier, Jo Deferm, Oussous Said, Mercedes Delgado, Pablo Aristeguieta, Ninja Stefflbauer, Johannes Muensch, Dominik Gruener, Frederick Thelen, Jochen Bauer, Aron Holterman, Yannie van Leek, Alex Bergmann, Stefan Eigner, Annika Matthew, Dominic Tritscher, Jakob Haueisen, Abdel Rakem, Ole Wolsbeck, Michi Berger, Christof ‘Scab’ Lange und Matthias Witzleb von Audent

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