Ford Beaumont presents..

An exhibition suspended in a virtual world, in which art of any form is instantly accessible through the tools that the modern world has provided the public, being able to view and interact with art has no limitations, removing the issue of cost and art appreciation.

Join us as James Stevens creates a virtual gallery space in which Ford Beaumont has curated the art. Digital prints suspend themselves on fictional walls, sculptures are erected on floors of the cloud, and the viewer is invited to join the experience through a point of view camera tour.

Artists exhibiting within the Virtual Gallery:

Room 1:
Emma Dinnen
kerry Beal

Room 2:

Room 3:
Sam Blackwood
Charley Blake Banks
Simon Buckley

Room 4:
Kayleigh Heydon

Tom Fisher

Room 6 :
Dan Cooper
Rachael Nellist
Zoe Monckton
Roger Bygot
Aimee Walker
Isabelle Cole

Room 7
James Stevens

Toast, 6th Floor Federation House
3.5.14 / 6-10pm

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