Load Runner is a frenetic competitive multi-player game for up to 4 players where players must battle to be the last man (or woman, horse or papaya) standing!

The Rules are Simple:

You are always running.
Collect objects to get heavier and slow down.
Throw objects at people to knock them forward and to get lighter.
Don't die.

Left Stick: move your player
Right Stick: move your reticule / release to fire
A: accept (only in menus and after race)
Start/Back: return to menu (only after race) / start game (character select)


Load Runner was made in just 3 days as part of the 2014 Toronto Game Jam! The following talented people made the game:

John Axon - music composition, SFX creation, voice acting
Marion Esquian - object art, character designs & ui
Stephane Goulet - background art, ui design, voice acting
Julian Spillane - programming, voice acting

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