This is my character jump final for Traditional Animation I at Ringling College of Art and Design.

This project gave us the opportunity to design our own animal characters. Based on a predetermined list, we were to select an animal at random from a hat and design a character from that. This is Aleister, a Rooster. He was super fun to animate, and I learned a lot from doing so.

About Aleister:

Aleister "temporarily" inherited the role of Head Rooster of the farm a few months ago, after his father, the original leader, left the farm to go on an "adventure" with the farmer and has yet to return. He tries his best, but due to some medical difficulties, sometimes the quality of his leadership goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Aleister has suffered from insomnia since his chick years, but successfully combats it with plenty of coffee. Sleep-deprivation and copious amounts of caffeine has lead him down a road of confusion, consistent day dreams, anxiety, and an over-active imagination that usually gets the better of him.

He spends most of his nights waiting for his moment to shine, when the sun finally begins to illuminate the horizon. To keep occupied until morning, he has developed a strong interest in conspiracy theories, many of which have inspired him to write his own novel and unravel the mysteries of time and space, once he decides on what typeface would catch his audience's attention the most efficiently. It's the little things that matter, he says, the little things that only our subconscious could pick up on and see value in. Unfortunately, his ideas and beliefs fall on deaf ears in regards to discussing them with the rest of his farm companions. Someday, they will understand - it's just a matter of time.

Aleister's lifestyle keeps him on his toes. It is his duty to protect the farm, or so he believes (he tends to read into things a bit more than necessary, he really just needs to wake everyone up on time). He takes his day job very seriously, and will stop at nothing to ensure everyone is safe at all times. Unfortunately, after waiting all night, chugging coffee cup after coffee cup, it's become a habit for him to jump the gun, waking everyone up much earlier than expected. On the nights he is able to finally rest, it is typical for him to oversleep. His heart is in the right place, though...but he sure can't wait until his father gets back....cough.

Like most people suffering from prolonged sleep-deprivation, Aleister is a bit absent minded. On occasion, he will notice his sock is missing, but those moments are quickly discarded and forgotten as he goes about his day. The rest of the farm wonder how he carries on like this...and when he will realize his father is just not coming back.

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