“The Stunters ” documents the lives of four street bike freestyle riders from Southern California. They all face different challenges. Randi one of the sexiest chicks on the street bike freestyle seen with her undeniable swag and bad girl image is focused on being recognized as one of the top women stunters in the game and managing her love life.
Fam the C.E.O is struggling with maintaining giving his family their fair share of time keeping his brand at the top of the game.
Capone the most respected amongst the stunters is more focused on staying on the right side of the law and is trying to focus on a career as a professional stunt bike rider for tv and film.
With a crew to run from California to Dubai. Bullet is destine to try and “ Take over the World” by staying focused on being not only a national president, but a business student and a rapper.

The one thing that they all have in common is they all started at ground zero “ The Lot “. The one place where nothing matters but being a stunter.
These guys are in a sport that is the “Skateboarding of the streets.” The more and more people see them. The more and more people are starting to respect them as atheletes. Not thugs. And now they all have one common goal to obtain the very first legal stunt park for streetbike freestyle riders with the help of some very instrumental people. The question is will they stay on track to there personal goals and everyday life to deal with.

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