"Solitary survival techniques" = tips and tricks to better cope with loneliness and boredom.

Video + acting: Antonin De Bemels / Bonhomme Daniel


1. Technique du cri muet
2. Technique de la téléportation
3. Technique du passe-muraille
4. Technique de la conversation
5. Technique de la possession
6. Technique de l'exorcisme
7. Technique de la mélancolie

"De Bemels performs both as himself and as a masked character called Bonhomme Daniel, who is his own creation. A solitary boy passes an aimless life in lazy silence, with unexpected flashes of curiousity. This video is quite different from the artist’s previous work. His research into the movements of the body gives way to a more intimate reflection with an alternative narrative. The result is both witty and surreal. It was filmed inside a domestic space, without a soundtrack but with interesting effects created by graphics and animation.
With the help of his alter ego, Bonhomme Daniel, De Bemels presents us with a series of absurd yet cunning tricks for alleviating solitude and boredom. In the first episode, he suggests getting rid of anger and stress by letting go with a silent scream.
In the second and third episodes he shows us how to beat domestic tedium by teletransporting ourselves from one part of the house to another and by learning to walk through walls. The fourth episode demonstrates how, through a simple doubling technique, we can multiply ourselves into at least three different people so as to have a conversation. And if in the fifth episode there is the risk of being sucked into a vortex of evil and being possessed, De Bemels shows us how to get round the problem by slipping off the mask, stepping out of ourselves and indulging in a little self-exorcism."

Elena Marcheschi

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