Shot with a Super VHS camcorder in 1998, this is my first and so far only feature length offering. In order to ensure a level of control, the movie ends up with a claustrophobic feel which works well for the story being told.

It is a microcinema Science Fiction/Drama feature from myself and executive producer Tino Marquez, Jr. The story follows a group of four second generation explorers who were born in space and are approaching their home planet Earth for the first time. They dream of a world "Under the Rainbow" they have never seen. The truth turns out far different than what they imagined and it threatens to tear them apart.

This was part of the launch of Bunk Films and an opportunity for me to expand on the talent pool I had been using in prior efforts. When I wrote the screenplay, I had not even met any of the 4 actors who would play the principal roles. This gave them an opportunity to make the roles their own and make the final product a truly collaborative effort and not just my vision. This group is lead by Mary-Beth Doty and also features Marquez Jr., Coley Winbush and Brian Galebach.

Galebach further contributes to the overall vision with a truly amazing original music score which received a microcinema award nomination in 2000.

This is a different cut from what we premiered in 1999. It has been cut down to 90 minutes. I eliminated a lot of the exposition which in retrospect was just technical back story that only served to take up time. This cut gets to the meat of the story much faster.

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