Jimmy and Luke from Amagin.org

Amagin.org mission is to foster funding for worthy charities and simultaneously providing the average person the opportunity of a lifetime! We equally want to serve and benefit our Charities and Donators. Our mission is to create irresistible experiences that will allow for a high level of satisfaction which in turn will drive more and more people to our site, Amagin.org through means of social media and crowd funding.

Experience of a life time while making a difference!

How it works:

Select your Ultimate VIP Celebrity Experience.

If you enjoy sports, shopping, or just hanging out with an Awesome Movie and/or TV Show Celebrity, live an experience of a lifetime! Pick a single experience or multiple experiences! You will be assured to know it all goes to a Great Cause!

Help You Favorite Charity-Cause
Each VIP Experience is paired with a specific charity/cause. Donate to be automatically entered for the opportunity to win. Each donation entry will give you a chance to win the raffle VIP Celebrity experience. The more entries you have the greater chance of winning. Each raffle VIP experience will have a Set Minimum Monetary Goal and a Timeline for Funding the Charity. If the VIP Experience Project does not meet its minimum monetary goal your card is never charged.

Love is infectious Go Viral & Share on Social Media
Pay it forward and get rewarded. Earn additional entries by inviting your friends and helping raise more money and awareness for the Charity.

How a Winner becomes a Winner!
The process works just like a charity raffle. Once the deadline to enter for the experience passes, we collect all the entries and select the winners through a computer generated random selection process. Please note if the VIP Experience does not meet the minimum goal, time may be extend to reach its goal if not your card will not be charged.

See Your Impact
This will allow you to see where your donated money is affecting those in need. This makes the donation process much more satisfying to know what an impact you are having on such a worthy cause.

A Dream Come True: Share You VIP Celebrity Experience
Let us make your amazing VIP Experience be even more memorable as we film your entire experience to share with your friends and family through social media.

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