Today was a hot day inland! Lori and I took a trip down PCH to get some beach/coast heat relief. We landed in Laguna Beach, CA. I decided to re-visit one of my favorite places as a child the "Divers Cove" area.

This is also the place where I purposed to Lori on 04/04/04 at 4pm! Here we are now 4+ years later we are married and expecting our first child!

I wanted to get out in the sun and shoot some footage with the HF10 and the Laguna Beach area is still a pretty nice looking place. Unfortunately the tide was low and the normally very active rocks of the cove were all dry so there weren't many sea creatures to observe within the rocks. I did manage to capture (on video) a mini crab!

For these scenes I used FXP 30P.
I edited the raw (m2ts) files in Vegas Pro 8 and rendered out to 720p H.264 Average 6mbps peak 9mbps. Audio is AAC 112kbps.

I'm obviously very much an amateur videographer! I still need to get a monopod and or a tripod. Some type of steadycam / body harness, I'm currently looking at the Manfroto Modosteady. I'm going to make and try one of those bolt, string and washer type of steadycams. I need a Wide Angle Lens, which wouldn't do much good today but for those interior shots... and possibly a polarizer or other decent outdoor filter.

UPDATE: I thought the video was looking a little dull so I checked the settings in Vegas and I noticed the project's pixel format was set to 8bit instead of 32bit so I changed this and re-rendered it out. The video should look less dull now.

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