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Investigative reporter Gareth Porter examines the premise of the scare about Iran's nuclear program. He is the author of, "Manufactured Crisis: the Untold Story of the Iran Nuclear Scare," published in 2014 (Just World Books). His findings are based on an intensive dissection of allegations about Iran’s nuclear program. Porter is “the most conscientious follower of the fantasy danger of Iran’s purported ‘nuclear weapons program,’” according to Iran expert William O. Beeman, a University of Minnesota professor.

Porter traces the infiltration of the U.S. Executive by Israeli agents since at least the George H. W Bush days. The same cast of characters that created the infamous Iraq weapons of mass destruction lies that resulted in the catastrophic Iraq War, used the same techniques to manufacture a scary story about Iran's nuclear research program. These neocons were essentially functioning as Israeli agents. Documents were faked, laptop computers were stolen or lost or forgotten and the story entrapped the media and many people around the world. They produced a scenario that seriously threatens peace. Porter claims that the U.S. military has been a retarding force, They see attacks on Iran (and Syria) to be very dangerous moves. On the other hand the pressure of the defense contractors to generate ever increasing revenue from their weapons marketing. In fact, his next book will be about the "Security State."

Porter was the 2012 recipient of the prestigious London-based Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, an award presented to a journalist who reveals “an unpalatable truth, validated by powerful facts.” Julian Assange received the award in 2011 for Wikileaks.

As an historian and investigative journalist, Porter has been examining U.S. foreign policy, military and security issues regarding the Middle East and Afghanistan, as well as writing on the Philippines, Korea, Cambodia, and Viet Nam. Porter is a news analyst for Inter Press Service (IPS). His writing is published at Truthout, the Huffington Post, The Nation, Al-Jazeera English, Counterpunch, Raw Story and, among other places.

With a PhD in South-East Asian Studies, Porter began his career as the Saigon Bureau Chief for Dispatch News Service during the Vietnam War and went on to report stories for international news media. Throughout his career, he has worked to debunk policy formation and propaganda that can lead to war. His 2005 book, Perils of Dominance: Imbalance of Power and the Road to War in Vietnam (University of California Press) was called “without a doubt, the most important contribution to the history of the U.S. national security policy to appear in the last decade” by historian Andrew Bacevich.

Today, Iranians are experiencing the detrimental effects of economic sanctions and the continual threat of future military attacks.

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