The Niagara Glen Impossoboulder is a legendary blank faced boulder with two notoriously hard vert/slab problems on it. It took me 2+ sessions to figure out Carpet Munching Diablos. Once I got it, and laughed at the V5 grade, I thought I could maybe give a try on Ko-Chi-Minh-Trail which is a harder problem up the blank centre of the bloc. Keith MacKay provided some insight (I couldn't find the holds) and not after long I was able to piece that one together as well.

This video presents the established problems on the Impossoboulder. Eric Hallé-Sherman has Carpet Munching wired, and I finish off the rest of the boulder. Figuring out the beta and discovering the holds is the major difficulty when it comes to these problems, so hopefully this video helps you get to the top.

Carpet Munching Diablos V5
Ko-Chi-Minh-Trail V9 (1:00)
Pegasus V5/6 (2:06)


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