Cancer is a common disease, with many people having a history of one or more family members affected by it. What role does genetic heredity play in cancer, in particular colorectal and breast cancers? How common is it for specific cancers to “run in the family?” What do we know about inheritable cancer genes and how does this affect research, detection and treatment?

Recorded May 7, 2014 in Toronto.

Dr. Nancy Baxter, MD, PhD
Division Chief,
Division of General Surgery
St. Michael’s Hospital
Scientist, St. Michael’s Hospital

Kelly A. Metcalfe, RN, PhD
Professor, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Toronto
Adjunct Scientist,
Women’s College Research Institute

Aletta Poll, M.Sc.
Genetic Counsellor
Familial Breast Cancer Research Unit
Women’s College Research Institute

Donna Francis
Researcher, Ontario Science Centre

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