In January of this year, we had the unique opportunity to produce the videos for the launch of American Standard’s new luxury brand, DXV. DXV stands for Decade XV as American Standard is now in it’s 15th decade of operations.

The new brand consists of four movements that span 140 years: Classic, Golden Era, Modern and Contemporary that are further broken down into collections that are inspired by key architectural elements of their time.

DXV created the DXV Design Panel with six designers who were able to create the most magnificent spaces with very little limitation, each from loose concept to final completion. For nearly two weeks, we worked alongside these designers at Earl Kendall Studios in Minneapolis.

Although the days were long, our crew enjoyed every minute of the experience and had a blast working together. Our team included:

Cheryl Kees Clendenon, Interior Designer, Pensacola Florida: Cheryl’s design is a tribute to the love of detail so often found in Art Nouveau. Her luxurious bathroom, complete with steam shower suite, shows layer upon layer of beautiful detailing.

Bret McQuinn: Director, Producer, Editor, Animator
Roger Egge: Director of Photography
Dean Woytcke: Grip, Second Camera
Scott Ferril: Video Tech
Drew Robinson: Video Tech, Editor
Amy Treptau: Production Assistant

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