Quite a big movie showing some of the boulders we did during our spring trip to Fontainebleau. The film contains 21 top class lines from the forest. Many classics and some less famous ones, in all styles. Still have lots of material left so maybe I make one more..
"be shure to watch in HD"

Boulders in order:

La Merveille, 8A+, Cuvier merveille
Tigre et Dragon, 8A, Rocher Gréau
Les Conquistadores, 7B, Rocher Gréau
Partage, 8A+, Buthiers Piscine
Attention Chef d'Œuvre, 7A, Buthiers Piscine
Hotline, 7C, Rocher de la Reine
Misericorde, 7C+, Franchard Cuesiniere
Elephunk, 8B, Marlandval
Opium, 8A, Reclosses
Masters Edge, 7B, Buthiers Piscine
Gourmandise Raccourci, 8A+, Cuvier Rempart
Pierre, Feuille, Ciseaux, 7B+, Puisilet Sablibum
La Balance la prise taillée, 7C+, Bas Culvier
Atresie assis, 8A+, Culvier Rempart
De la terre a la lune, 7C+, Gorge du Houx
Bleau Sacre, 8B, Rocher Cassepot
Gargantoit, 7A, Gorge du Houx
Rubis sur l’Onge, 7B+, Gorge aux Chats
Le Toit du Greau, 8A, Rocher Gréau
Tailleur des Mesonges, 7C, Franchard Meyer
Duel, 8A, Franchard Cuesiniere

Benjamin Linné Ryn
Hanne Erika Riise
Jonathan Linné Ryn
Erik Grandelius
Stella Plantin
Isak Fowelin
Henrik Sennelöv
Vincent Mourges
Øystein Andresen
Andrew Silverwood
Louise Hansen

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