Learn malware analysis fundamentals from the primary author of SANS' course FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware (REM). More at LearnREM.com.

In this session, Lenny Zeltser will introduce you to the process of reverse-engineering malicious software. He will outline behavioral and code analysis phases, to make this topic accessible even to individuals with a limited exposure to programming concepts. You'll learn the fundamentals and associated tools to get started with malware analysis.

You can download the speaker's slides, complete with full notes here: zeltser.com/reverse-malware/intro-to-malware-analysis.pdf These slides are also useful when you cannot see full details on your screen while watching the video.

Leny Zeltser teaches a popular malware analysis course at SANS Institute. He has helped IT administrators, security professionals, and malware specialists fight malicious code in their organizations.

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